Neurax Roleplay Server.

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Do you want to play on a professional DarkRP Hosted in UK? Then you have found the right place!
Neurax offers you a safe and stable server where you have the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun!
Neurax Roleplay is a darkrp server that offers a stable, professional, fun and eventful DarkRP experience. With stable infrastructure, a serious organization and a lot of experience, we know we can offer the best for our players.
Our staffs are trustworthy and take their jobs seriously, they are mostly always available. They can help you with everything!
We hope they will join us, give the server a chance! You will not regret it!
We also offer many jobs, printers, cars and weapons!
I hope to see you on the server!

Our IP is:


NEW | Server Updates And News

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I thought to start by thanking everyone who was in yesterday, it came in many players, I hope it continues as it did. The community is really growing as whole, despite all the rules breakers and trolls, i think the server will be going far!

We have also added some new addons to the server! The following addons have been added.

- Fidget Spinner SWEP
- Gmod Legs 3
- Gmod Roleplay Pee SWEP
- Player Spawn Effect
- PlayX
- Popcorn SWEP
- Sligwolfs Tow Truck
- Roleplay Props

Steam Group:
Server Collection:

We will be definitely adding more jobs and addons, as the server grows. 
Also feel free to make suggestions at:



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This is a strict and an important STAFF MEETING.

This meeting we be held Tomorrow (4th Nov), it should be at 5-6pm GMT UTC+00:00 (UK TIME) ON DISCORD!

If you do not show up to the staff meeting without a VALID reason there WILL BE consequences.

This staff meeting is going to be mostly about promotions, demotions, and the staff rules.

Everyone will be contributing in promotions and, demotions but, @Vel and @zacke WILL be making the FINAL decision (No Questions Asked) and, definitely be listening to everyone's opinions.

Knowing the STAFF RULES of the server is VERY IMPORTANT, as is also the SERVER RULES. If you can not follow the staff rules we set, you WILL be given a STRIKE, as a punishment, and i hope we all knows the rule on the striking system.

If you can not attend the meeting tonight, let us know by creating a thread on the forum at the category ''Staff Activity''

Best Regards,


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Hi there everybody!
I've heard that many have missed Neurax, and I'm coming with happy news!
We will open the server tomorrow! We have much more to offer than before, better addons and no errors at all! No form of admin abuse will be accepted We have now hired only experienced staffs who know what they are doing!

You wonder if you will keep your donor ranks? The answer is an absolute yes!
If you donated before the server was downloaded then you will get it back! Contact Zacke or Hyzer so we will check if you donated before and get back within 5 minutes!

You wonder if you will keep your staff rank? Most of them old in the staff team will keep their rankings based on how experienced they are now being staff. As I said before no abuse is allowed, you abuse and you get a strike! If you continue you will be demoted immediately!

As most people know, our ulx is not that good before, all that is fixed, all the errors when we built the server from scratch!
Do not have much more to say, hope to see you tomorrow at 3PM!

If you had donator rank, contact me or hyzer!

Best Regards,


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Neurax will open again after a long time down, really sorry I have not concentrated on the server, it was much change in my life. But now .. should it up again on Friday, ulx fixed! If you was a staff before, ur a staff now, and welcome back Toby! Hope to see you on the server Friday at 6!

Updates | 31/01-2017

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Donor system works now back and you will get everything that is in the description of your pack!

We have also added a new donor rank called '' Lord ''. Rank has really many things● Perma Lightsaber!
● Perma Grapplehook (Spiderman swep)!
● Perma Karambit Tiger Tooth!
● Perma Mega Vape!
● Perma Shuriken!
● 15.000.000 Ingame money!
● 100.000 Pointshop coins!
● A chat tag ingame & forum
● ALL printers
● ALL Jobs (New jobs added ex Heavy gun dealer VIP+, etc)
● Reserved slot
We hope it will be bought and thank all the donors that you support the server!
Best Regards 
- Fr0

Huge Update | 28 / 01 / 2017

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DarkRP : 

New map | rp_downtown_v4c_v2 >>> rp_downtown_v4c_v3
New Ip |
Lightsaber will be in the donation store | 15 euros
New Weapons and SWEPs | Parkour and Hobo SWEPs , CSGO Knifes , Tasers , Hidden Blade and Hacking Phone
ULX Has been Fixed!

General : 

Introducing a Teamspeak Server | IP :

   -Mystical | Community Manager

General Announcement | 27 / 01 / 2017

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DarkRP :

Slots are now at 32
New donation package added | Ultra Donator Package |
           |-| Million maker has been removed from the Donator Package 1
               and moved to the Ultra Donation Package.
           |-| Ultra Donation Package also has some more printers as well so Enjoy!

General :

Head Admin can not longer accept or deny any staff applications as we have staff managers to take care of it!
           |-| Staff Manager is GorTsorian
           |-| Staff Manager Assistant is Mourivlogs [ Jesse ]

Staff application minimum age has been changed to 14+ as this will allow more people to apply that may be more experienced that olders.

Small Giveaway = If the server gets full today then 750 tokens will be given away at random

     -Mystical | Community Manager

General Announcement | 25 / 01 / 2017

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Slots will be updated tonight | 23 >>> 32 |
New donation packages have been added | Use !donate or !shop |

|-| Vip = Perma or 1 Month
|-| Roleplay Cash
|-| Pointshop Points
|-| Perma Vape
|-| Perma Grapplehook
10 more jobs are going to be added this week



New server will becoming out | PoliceRP | Public = 27th of January 2017 [ Friday ] |
DarkRP server has been gaining new players | Welcome to the community to the people are new! |


More things will be coming soon. Wait for the next announcement for Neurax Gaming

- Mystical | Community Manager


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On friday 2017/01-27 we will open a PoliceRP server!


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Today quite a large update, we've had a server down for a few days and fixed many things! We have a new donation system, read more about it here! The update comes a bank robbery addon! We have also changed the chat design, fixed timed ranks! Donors have received a lot more things that you can discover for yourself! We have 911 systems, command is /911 (message to police)! The rest of all the things that have been updated, you may discover for yourself! I want to say one other thing, too, right now we need the staffs so go in and apply here!
Have fun!