Neurax will open again after a long time down, really sorry I have not concentrated on the server, it was much change in my life. But now .. should it up again on Friday, ulx fixed! If you was a staff before, ur a staff now, and welcome back Toby! Hope to see you on the server Friday at 6!



Updates | 31/01-2017


Donor system works now back and you will get everything that is in the description of your pack!

We have also added a new donor rank called '' Lord ''. Rank has really many things● Perma Lightsaber!
● Perma Grapplehook (Spiderman swep)!
● Perma Karambit Tiger Tooth!
● Perma Mega Vape!
● Perma Shuriken!
● 15.000.000 Ingame money!
● 100.000 Pointshop coins!
● A chat tag ingame & forum
● ALL printers
● ALL Jobs (New jobs added ex Heavy gun dealer VIP+, etc)
● Reserved slot
We hope it will be bought and thank all the donors that you support the server!
Best Regards 
- Fr0

Huge Update | 28 / 01 / 2017

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DarkRP : 

New map | rp_downtown_v4c_v2 >>> rp_downtown_v4c_v3
New Ip |
Lightsaber will be in the donation store | 15 euros
New Weapons and SWEPs | Parkour and Hobo SWEPs , CSGO Knifes , Tasers , Hidden Blade and Hacking Phone
ULX Has been Fixed!

General : 

Introducing a Teamspeak Server | IP :

   -Mystical | Community Manager

General Announcement | 27 / 01 / 2017

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DarkRP :

Slots are now at 32
New donation package added | Ultra Donator Package |
           |-| Million maker has been removed from the Donator Package 1
               and moved to the Ultra Donation Package.
           |-| Ultra Donation Package also has some more printers as well so Enjoy!

General :

Head Admin can not longer accept or deny any staff applications as we have staff managers to take care of it!
           |-| Staff Manager is GorTsorian
           |-| Staff Manager Assistant is Mourivlogs [ Jesse ]

Staff application minimum age has been changed to 14+ as this will allow more people to apply that may be more experienced that olders.

Small Giveaway = If the server gets full today then 750 tokens will be given away at random

     -Mystical | Community Manager

General Announcement | 25 / 01 / 2017

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Slots will be updated tonight | 23 >>> 32 |
New donation packages have been added | Use !donate or !shop |

|-| Vip = Perma or 1 Month
|-| Roleplay Cash
|-| Pointshop Points
|-| Perma Vape
|-| Perma Grapplehook
10 more jobs are going to be added this week



New server will becoming out | PoliceRP | Public = 27th of January 2017 [ Friday ] |
DarkRP server has been gaining new players | Welcome to the community to the people are new! |


More things will be coming soon. Wait for the next announcement for Neurax Gaming

- Mystical | Community Manager


On friday 2017/01-27 we will open a PoliceRP server!


Today quite a large update, we've had a server down for a few days and fixed many things! We have a new donation system, read more about it here! The update comes a bank robbery addon! We have also changed the chat design, fixed timed ranks! Donors have received a lot more things that you can discover for yourself! We have 911 systems, command is /911 (message to police)! The rest of all the things that have been updated, you may discover for yourself! I want to say one other thing, too, right now we need the staffs so go in and apply here!
Have fun!