General Announcement | 27 / 01 / 2017

DarkRP :

Slots are now at 32
New donation package added | Ultra Donator Package |
           |-| Million maker has been removed from the Donator Package 1
               and moved to the Ultra Donation Package.
           |-| Ultra Donation Package also has some more printers as well so Enjoy!

General :

Head Admin can not longer accept or deny any staff applications as we have staff managers to take care of it!
           |-| Staff Manager is GorTsorian
           |-| Staff Manager Assistant is Mourivlogs [ Jesse ]

Staff application minimum age has been changed to 14+ as this will allow more people to apply that may be more experienced that olders.

Small Giveaway = If the server gets full today then 750 tokens will be given away at random

     -Mystical | Community Manager