Updates | 31/01-2017


Donor system works now back and you will get everything that is in the description of your pack!

We have also added a new donor rank called '' Lord ''. Rank has really many things● Perma Lightsaber!
● Perma Grapplehook (Spiderman swep)!
● Perma Karambit Tiger Tooth!
● Perma Mega Vape!
● Perma Shuriken!
● 15.000.000 Ingame money!
● 100.000 Pointshop coins!
● A chat tag ingame & forum
● ALL printers
● ALL Jobs (New jobs added ex Heavy gun dealer VIP+, etc)
● Reserved slot
We hope it will be bought and thank all the donors that you support the server!
Best Regards 
- Fr0

- Fr0